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Advantages Of A Fall Clean Up

Autumn is a good time of the year.The trees are very attractive but will soon start deteriorating.You should get your backyard ready for the winter season.Proper preparation saves you time and money once spring comes in.Hence, fall is a time where maintenance of the yard tends to be done.Leaves will drop and shed ending up clustering together .You may think that leaving them there is good but it’s not.Your yard needs to be cleaned up and there are benefits to it which include the following.

It helps curb disease-causing microorganisms such as molds and bacteria. The decaying leaves may contain dead insects which provides a good breeding place for the microorganisms.The rotting and decomposing debris tend to provide a suitable environment for the growth of the microbes.Also, dead leaves may also promote the growth of this disease causing microbes.Some leaves also contain fungal spores which harbor pathogens.Hence, a fall yard clean-up is very beneficial to us and the environment we live in.

Fall clean up plays a major role in protecting the lawn.Once many leaves fall, they tend to accumulate and form layers on the lawn.They prevent the air from reaching on the grass.This leads to the death of the grass.You should ensure that your grass Is healthy by aerating it to promote strong roots, removing the accumulated dead leaves on top of it, and also practices such as applying fertilizer to the grass.Thus, when spring sets in, you are able to enjoy the fruits of your labor by getting very beautiful grass.

It enables the reduction of the workload.If you do your clean up during autumn very little work is left for you to do during spring.If you fail to carry out your fall clean up, you tend to have a messier landscape in the spring which taking care of will be too much work and difficult.

It helps to eliminate insects. Various insects and bugs tend to build up in the debris and may cause diseases to people and also the plants.The insects and pests tend to go away once you do a yard fall clean up since you destroy their place of habitat and multiplication.Having a yard fall clean up drives away the insects which may also cause damage to your trees.
Helps in promoting aeration.Once you carry out a yard fall out clean up, you expose the lawn to the oxygen.The proper flow of oxygen to the grass helps in root development of the grass enabling it to grow healthy.

It helps prevent weeds.Weeds tend to be harmful during the spring.If you do a fall clean up, you tend to eliminate them since you can apply them with chemicals for weed control in order to reduce weed developing on your landscape.

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