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The Universal History of the Piqua Shawnee Tribe by the Historians

Lots of the historian’s group the ancient Piqua Shawnee tribes as nomadic people.This is because they have found evidence of Shawnees moving and settling in various places, and frequently holding small family units for a long time. The evidence shown is dependable and trustworthy.

The Alabama state is mostly where majority of the Piqua Shawnee persons have lived long. History has clearly affirmed that it is in Alabama that Shawnees have stayed for long periods than other states. A portion of the archeologists says that the Shawnee initially settled in Alabama in 1965. In any case, verbal customs portrays that the Shawnee have lived in Alabama much longer than that that. Ancient entombment destinations that made utilization of the burial frameworks like the Shawnee have been found in a few areas of the State of Alabama. Various early maps demonstrate the Shawnee settlements in the State of Alabama. Huge numbers of the Piqua Shawnee tribe lived next to the modern Alabama towns.

Piqua Shawnee Tribe of this 21st century, there are Shawnee tribe descendants who still regard the State of Alabama as home. A significant number of the stories they have about their families is legitimate. Some of them stayed away from the war of the Trail of Tears and they fled into the Cumberland Mountains and the others hid away in less voyaged districts and marshes. Regardless of the fact that only a few people that got away from the war there are those that wanted to save their lives and dispersed. A few families came back after the turmoil diminished. many of the families settled on to live in remote rustic areas where government examination was negligible and the interest of their neighbors was practically less.While many of them were lost they still passed down the ways and history of their families.

The Piqua Shawnee tribe strive and live to maintain their culture that is unique due to the said happenings.The tribe comprises of several clans. Many of the members of these clans live in various states.Since they are so broadly spread, they have not less than four tribal groups.

To avoid distance separation the tribal clans exchange their geographic locations each year with an end goal of holding or maintaining their members closely.Through this they are also able to pass down their beliefs to their generation so as to maintain their cultural values and their sense of belonging.They are closely related as their different clan’s intermarry. Their marriages uses the traditional systems with cultural ways that join the families that are marrying.They also have deferent cultural foods.

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