Along with laminate, vinyl flooring are arguably the two most popular flooring options in the world today. While laminate is thicker in much the same way would is, vinyl is thinner but also softer to walk on. Laminate gives you greater resale value, but vinyl withstands puddle and moisture much better. Vinyl flooring in Pietermaritzburg is therefore a highly ideal option, given the humid climate.

There are various types of vinyl and today we look at luxury versus cushion. Here’s the difference between these two types of vinyl flooring in Pietermaritzburg.

Luxury vinyl

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) combines style and durability. You’ll have a floor that’s great on the eye and will last many years through all kinds of wear, tear and stress.

Luxury Vinyl Tile is made using Nano Silver technology. Being comprised of 67% recycled PVC, it is a very environmentally friendly option. It is also totally …
When it comes to home improvement, virtually all homeowners experience that is commonly utilizing the floor since there are many options to select from. However, not all flooring finishes are ideal for domiciles as you require certain features. For example, whenever enhance floors in kitchens, you will need to be sure that it is slip-resistant. Not to mention, additionally you need to make sure that surface is simple to steadfastly keep up. As a result, more property owners are now opting for rock appearance flooring finishes. These finishes are preferred by homeowners with wonderful benefits since it can provide them. Below are a number of the following.


One of many benefits of making use of rock appearance floor items is its affordability. Clearly, you might use different variety of flooring designs such as for example granite and tiles. Nonetheless, these items are very expensive. And of course, home owners …
With this kind of hardwood flooring its finished in a factory setting, prepared for the homeowner to install. There are numerous advantageous assets to choosing this kind of floor coverings, which include:

• More durable since the finish is completed utilizing a substance called aluminum oxide which can be harder compared to the polyurethane finish that is used on unfinished hardwood floors. These kinds of floors are less likely to dent or scratch providing the floors a looking that is good for many years unlike unfinished hardwood floors that have to be refinished every couple of years.
• Easier to install because the flooring is installed and may be utilized the day that is same was installed. With unfinished hardwood floors they should let the timber acclimate, install it, stain it, and allow it to dry before it may be completed, which could take several days.
• Give a much …