A fire ant colony that is typical to its name can be seen in open areas in the large mounds that they have created. Their major food sources are seeds and plants that are young. Fire ants are also known to attack small animals in groups and can even kill them. Unlike the ants that bite and spray and acid on the thing that is attacked, fire ants just bite in order to get a grip. They also sting from their abdomen after biting. This sting is used to inject a toxic that is called solenopsin. This venom is alkaline in nature. This venom belongs to the class of piperidines. It is a very painful sting for the humans who have encountered a bite from the fire ant. The sensation that is felt when a fire ant bites is similar to the burning sensation that one feels when in …

No matter how large or small your physical storefront is, vandalism and theft pose a threat that could put your storefront at risk. Not only do you risk losing inventory and company data, you also face the cost of replacing broken storefront materials. On top of business downtime, you could be left in a financial crisis.

To ensure your company remains physically protected, it’s important to know how to secure your storefront. Here are 7 tips you’ll want to practice.

  1. Complete a Risk Assessment

These days most businesses put a large portion of their security dollars towards cyber and online threats. But, this doesn’t mean that you can completely ignore physical threats that are always present.

Since security isn’t cheap, you want to know exactly what you need before spending money on it. To determine your business’ security needs, complete a risk assessment. This allows you to narrow your focus …

Your exterior space is another room to decorate attractively and practically, as a reflection of your personality. Ensure that your outdoor room offers safety, all year long usage and that it compels you to enjoy it from dawn until dusk.

Porcelain paving is an increasingly popular option for designers, landscapers and domestic customers for contemporary, monochrome and futuristic applications.

Porcelain may call to mind images of crockery that shatters under a little weight or on impact, but the paving solutions on the market are extremely hard, boast undeniable kerb appeal and represent value for money. A small investment in porcelain paving today will reward you with years of excellence.

From locally based paving suppliers Rivar Sand and Gravel to manufacturers Global Stone and Bradstone, there is a porcelain paving product on the market which suits all budgets, designs and expertise so if you’ve fallen out of love with your existing …

Along with laminate, vinyl flooring are arguably the two most popular flooring options in the world today. While laminate is thicker in much the same way would is, vinyl is thinner but also softer to walk on. Laminate gives you greater resale value, but vinyl withstands puddle and moisture much better. Vinyl flooring in Pietermaritzburg is therefore a highly ideal option, given the humid climate.

There are various types of vinyl and today we look at luxury versus cushion. Here’s the difference between these two types of vinyl flooring in Pietermaritzburg.

Luxury vinyl

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) combines style and durability. You’ll have a floor that’s great on the eye and will last many years through all kinds of wear, tear and stress.

Luxury Vinyl Tile is made using Nano Silver technology. Being comprised of 67% recycled PVC, it is a very environmentally friendly option. It is also totally …

Shipping Containers are not just a storage units any more , Australian home improvement professionals and transport professions are been using quality shipping containers for several purposes. Majorly companies are using  shipping containers to move household furniture during a building their home or moving homes locally or interstate

Moving homes or businesses interstate or local is not an easy task , requires planning coupled with an excellent and experienced moving company to execute the move with not stress or hassle. You Pack Removals are leaders in providing cheapest and better options for Australian households and businesses to move their furniture interstate or longer distances by using self pack shipping containers moving. Small businesses and households who want to save money , often turn to us for the option of cheapest way to move interstate .

Moving interstate? You Pack Removals provides cheap interstate removals with practical solutions that will help …