Luxury vinyl versus cushion vinyl – what are the differences?

Along with laminate, vinyl flooring are arguably the two most popular flooring options in the world today. While laminate is thicker in much the same way would is, vinyl is thinner but also softer to walk on. Laminate gives you greater resale value, but vinyl withstands puddle and moisture much better. Vinyl flooring in Pietermaritzburg is therefore a highly ideal option, given the humid climate.

There are various types of vinyl and today we look at luxury versus cushion. Here’s the difference between these two types of vinyl flooring in Pietermaritzburg.

Luxury vinyl

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) combines style and durability. You’ll have a floor that’s great on the eye and will last many years through all kinds of wear, tear and stress.

Luxury Vinyl Tile is made using Nano Silver technology. Being comprised of 67% recycled PVC, it is a very environmentally friendly option. It is also totally waterproof, a big plus. On the hygiene front, this means you house will be safer from bacteria such as E.coli and mould.

Luxury Vinyl Tile comes in two forms:

  1. A click-in, glue-less technology.
  2. A glue-down installation with industrial adhesive.

Vinyl flooring in Pietermaritzburg is backed by a 5 to 20-year warranty. Much depends on how it is applied and installed and also the sub-floor beneathe the LVT.

Cushion vinyl

There is also a huge demand for cushion vinyl flooring in Pietermaritzburg. This comes in rolls of two metres wide or four metres wide. Cushioned sheeting gives you a realistic design and is soft to walk on, so noise is minimised. It is highly durable, versatile and practical for everyday use – even in bathrooms and kitchens.

Different patterns are available, including wood, stone and retro are available. Cushion vinyl is warm in winter and cool in the hotter, humid months. It has a shorter warranty than LVT, ranging from 5 to 10 years, depending on the application and the range you go for. Either way, it is an affordable option that won’t let you down – no more worries about the humidity, spills or overflowing washing machines or sinks.