Get Excited About Porcelain Paving

Your exterior space is another room to decorate attractively and practically, as a reflection of your personality. Ensure that your outdoor room offers safety, all year long usage and that it compels you to enjoy it from dawn until dusk.

Porcelain paving is an increasingly popular option for designers, landscapers and domestic customers for contemporary, monochrome and futuristic applications.

Porcelain may call to mind images of crockery that shatters under a little weight or on impact, but the paving solutions on the market are extremely hard, boast undeniable kerb appeal and represent value for money. A small investment in porcelain paving today will reward you with years of excellence.

From locally based paving suppliers Rivar Sand and Gravel to manufacturers Global Stone and Bradstone, there is a porcelain paving product on the market which suits all budgets, designs and expertise so if you’ve fallen out of love with your existing patios and pathways then it’s time to consider this fade, stain, watermark and frost resistant option in a traditional or wood effect finish.

How durable is porcelain?

Porcelain paving is tough, not only in terms of bearing with the British weather but in usage. It’s ideal for a dining or entertaining area, won’t struggle to take the weight of humans and furniture and it boasts resistance to mould, moss, oil and acid spillage damage.

Petrous premium porcelain paving, available in a variety of finishes from paving suppliers, is awe inspiringly strong. Did you know that petrous is the term given to the densest part of the temporal bone in the skull, it sits at the base of the head; it is extremely strong by necessity.
Can porcelain paving be used indoors?

Yes, porcelain paving is delightfully versatile. It can provide continuity between the interior and exterior of a property. Seamless design schemes are always captivating.

The ease of installation and exceptionally low maintenance requirements, indoors and outside, maximise your relaxation and space enjoyment time, whether that’s toasting marshmallows by a fire pit in winter, a lively barbeque in summer, a spring meal outdoors under a canopy or an autumnal read in the conservatory.

For small areas which don’t necessitate project packs, it is an advantage that paving is frequently sold by the slab; you only purchase what you truly need and this means no money is wasted.

What porcelain paving products are available from paving suppliers?

There are numerous elegant finishes, colours and textures available with optimised functionality for patios and pathways. You ask for the very best, with porcelain, you get it.

Product examples:

Global Stone’s silver petrous premium porcelain

  • From their Trento range.
  • 450mm x 900mm slabs.
  • Very popular.
  • Exceptional levels of craftsmanship.
  • Interior-exterior continuity.
  • Low maintenance.

Rivar’s Sandal wood effect porcelain paving

  • The porcelain is expertly crafted to resemble wood.
  • Enduring, eye-catching; demands admiration.
  • 810mm x 405mm slabs, 20mm thick clean-cut slabs.
  • Almost no maintenance required.

Discuss your paving requirements with experts like the experienced team at Rivar Sand and Gravel, and rest assured that they will help you to discover the perfect product.