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Factors that Guide Women in Selecting Fashion of Their Choice

One of the things that women consider before choosing fashion dress is modesty. Modesty generally will depend with the place, time, season, religious beliefs and cultural beliefs. For instance, you find there are some communities that does not allow some parts of the woman body to be exposed for people to see like the breast, shoulder and so on. Look at the Muslim ladies, do you think they like covering all their body parts with clothes? No. they don’t but according to their religion they are not allowed to expose their body parts in public. So, these things do differ from one point to another and from one state to another. Some countries have policies they control how the women are suppose to get dressed up.

Another factor that determines women fashion is beauty and seduction. Women also choose dress, pants, lipsticks and many other things so that they can look beautiful to attract men. Men also have some funny characters as they will only seduce the women who look attractive. Like you find that some women like to dress in tight, short skirts and have their pants and breasts exposed so that they can seduce men. There is a fashion dress that when you put on you will look beautiful and seductive. It will look very odd if you put on official fashion if you are attending a night club which requires you to put some tight clothing.

Another thing that help in choosing women’s fashion is status. Status or position in a place or a social group will determine the fashion dress that the women are going to put on. One of the easiest thing to differentiate is a lawyer and tennis player by looking at their fashion. Thus, why you find that women with a status or position in a society, choose a fashion that communicates their caliber. Apart from that it will be very easy to differentiate between a nurse and a teacher at work.

Women fashion also goes with ceremonies. If by any chance you have come across women fashion you will realize that most of them are always designed for specific ceremonies or determine specific events in their lives. Some of the specifications that you can see are the wedding dress, gowns for debutante and even some of the night dresses for women. One unique thing with them is that they are always shiny, elaborate, and flashy garments which communicate some special message.

Another thing that guide women fashion is the trending fashion. Trending fashion ranges from dressing cord, cutting your hair like a celebrity and even the way you apply your lipstick.

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