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The benefits of writing shorts stories gives the human mind the ability to release excess stress from different thoughts and ideas the mind might have. Many scientist have tried to make technology that resembles the human brain but at times the human brain turns out superior. The writing business involves a lot of mental work than physical work which involves only writing.

A novel is book that contains one long story with conflicts inside, some may be romantic in nature, biography and representation of real life events that have occurred to a person, a country or a personal experience.

Online writing have become one of the prominent and high income jobs, where most clients inquire the content to be written online and also by professional writers of different countries.

The artists and writers created various writing and editing companies, Raleigh Writer enables the hiring of different employees with different writing skills and creativity.

The artist have made good life stories which have been published and created a great deal of upcoming artists and poets which have influenced the talent of such artists.

The freelancing writing jobs are for people with various ideas in minds, where such writers only wait for fresh peace of papers or a platform for writing under a given topic.

As a writer you should be very efficient in your language and grammar, where the levels of confidence with your skills and abilities is high when you take a particular subject to write on.

This can make you as a writer to have real fun in writing short stories and also during researching.

Smaller publications may offer a nominal payment, where huge and big publications offer more payment.

A major advantage of being a writer is the ability to start working at the comfort of your home, as long as you have Internet access for research and a computer in your home.

Due to the writing skills, the emergence of journalism profession comes into place where at times as a writer you end up developing more interest in expressing yourself in a more approachable way.

Like writers, journalists also do research.

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