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SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium: A Great Family Bonding Time Are you planning on having quality time with your kids in the best place in Las Vegas? Take your family at SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium, the beautiful and fun place to learn about the ocean world, the Mayan jungle, and the Amazon rainforest. At SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium, you get to experience dealing with different marine life creatures, and be amazed at their looks, movements, and capabilities! SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium offers a one of a kind experience wherein children and adult can mingle and even touch animals to have direct interaction and learn more about animals and different ecosystems using all the five senses. SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium helps in expanding the knowledge and understanding of children about science, biology and geology in an enjoyable and interactive manner. You will find SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium in the heart of Las Vegas that is composed of 31,000 square feet of intricately painted details, where your kids can expand their ocean imagination, have lunch with Lorikeets, splash with mermaids, and roam with Mr. Einstein. SeaQuest has eight exhibits, so you never be bored, just enjoy viewing, interacting, and learning! SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium is a life-changing, ever-changing, and one of a kind experience for you and your family because you get to learn to appreciate the beauty and fascinating scenes of the oceans and rainforests. SeaQuest is a locally-owned aquarium attraction business, bringing families together. How would you like to feed a bird or swim with the sharks? Unlike other aquarium attractions and zoos, you can really hold and feed animals at SeaQuest, and even get to swim with them! With the assistance from their friendly and accommodating staff, you can feed iguanas, birds, sting rays, and fish inside their cages. Each room of the SeaQuest aquariums have different theme basing to where the animals can be found in terms of living environment such as coast, desert, boardwalk, and others. There is an Egyptian Desert, Shark Lagoon, and Carribean Cove to name a few, and the giant tortoise wandering around the aquarium is really amazing! Many people rate SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium five stars for their great learning features and amenities bringing families closer together!
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Gain the health benefits of dealing with marine life and animals in general, a fun way to enjoy and relax! SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium is the perfect place to spend your weekend with your family and friends! For inquiries, you can visit SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium for more details. SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium is your ultimate fun destination is Las Vegas, a family-bonding getaway! There is nothing comparable with the marine life creatures you can see at SeaQuest interactive Aquarium. Your children will definitely love the fun, adventure, and excitement at SeaQuest interactive Aquarium in Las Vegas, so start planning your weekend getaway now!Why No One Talks About Animals Anymore