How To Add Value To Your Home

Whether it’s to increase the price because you’re thinking of selling it, or simply wanting to upgrade a home and its subsequent value, adding value to your home doesn’t have to cost an astronomical sum. A few well thought out upgrades can, as the cliche goes, add up to more than the sum of the components that you spend on. And if you’re adept at a little DIY, then you’ll be able to do more with your upgrade budget. Here are some tips from the custom home builders at Hughes Construction.

Here are some simple yet effective ways to add value to your home:

  1. Do some kitchen renovation. The kitchen is the place where the household normally gravitates. An appliance upgrade or two, or the addition of a modern convenience, will go a long way toward improving the kitchen and the overall value of the home. While you’re at it, improving the storage options in the kitchen will also improve its functionality. Even just replacing the wallpaper and freshening up the paint will add to the perceived quality and quality of upkeep of the house.
  2. Add storage space around the house. Let’s face it, stuff accumulates, and pretty soon, you find your closets and other areas of the house bursting at the seams of things that may not be used on a daily basis, but are still of value. Stuff that you don’t want to give or throw away just yet. Adding storage space and putting that stuff there will give your house a neat, well-kept aura. Again, if you’re and adept DIYer, all you need is some plywood, lumber, and paint and voila! Custom-fitted storage. Or you could go the easy route and swing by a big box store.
  3. Spruce up your garden. If you look online, you’ll find a wealth of examples on how to make your garden look verdant. Maybe get rid of riotous or hard to maintain plants. Or place a cozy nook under a grown tree. Consider too some paving that you can walk on even when the garden is wet. Or one that leads to a deck. Plenty of possibilities! And again, something that isn’t too difficult if your do-it-yourself skills are up to par.
  4. Consider painting some areas of your house blue. The particular shade of blue is not that important, and it’s considered most effective in the kitchen and bathroom. Plenty of studies support the theory that particular colors can affect our disposition, and blue has a calming effect.

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