What is an IQF Freezer?

Individual Quick Freezing or commonly known as the IQF freezing method is a freezing method that is now common freezing technology in the food processing industry. It is a technology that is more feasible with smaller pieces of food products. It is more probably and precisely used to freeze berries, fruits, vegetables, kinds of seafood such as shrimps, fish and meat, poultry, pasta, cheese, and some grains. This is truly a blessing in food freezing technology for the food processing industry. Food products that are frozen through this process are commonly denoted as Individually Quick Frozen or IQF’d.

IQF freezing is a method that requires only a few minutes to get your food products frozen and this time varies and even gets shorter if a reliable brand is being used. This short freezing method prevents the formation of large ice crystals in food products which destroys the membrane structure in the cells and destroying the product eventually. This could be avoided by using IQF freezing method. The products frozen through the IQF freezing method retains its shape, color, smell and taste even when defrosted and used after a long time.

Freezing process

Another optimistic thing about this freezing method is its ability to separate units of products during the freezing process. This way the product will be highly sustained and made quality conscious, as well as, giving it an edge on the block freezing method which is relatively less efficient as compared with the IQF freezing method. This method equips the consumers with a choice of using their desired quantity whenever needed by just defrosting and utilizing whatever way they want. The product, being highly sustainable, lasts for a longer period and retains its texture, quality, taste, smell, and quality.

IQF freezing methods vary for use, shape and operating measures. Their operating measures involve transportation of the food products into the freezer using a conveyor belt or infeed shaker. This way, food travels through the freezing zone and comes out from the other side as frozen. Overall, two IQF freezing technologies are used. One is Mechanical IQF freezers and the other known as Cryogenic IQF freezers. Mechanical IQF freezers work on the principle of cold air circulation, flowing underneath the belt or plate containing food products through cooling fans. While the other, Cryogenic food freezers use liquid nitrogen at low temperature to freeze the food products.

IQF freezers are one of the best, efficient, quick and reliable methods of food freezing. Various brands across the globe manufacture IQF freezers according to the use, operating measures, requirements, and space occupied. These freezers vary for their operating method and technology involved in their manufacturing. We at Industrialfreezing.com guide you through the process of selecting a suitable IQF freezer according to your requirements and guide you through the selection of new and used products as we have a large inventory of products ready and guaranteed for their operations. You can consult us through our site offices or by just making us a call at +31 74 23 40 001. Our representative will immediately reach out to you with expert solutions and rational advice.