Rustic chandeliersare, almost by definition, a private work of art. It is often your creative effort on display. Especially if you are able to scavenge for unexpected trash and turn it into treasure. Use a touch paint, some wild imagination, reclaimed chain, and much of candles to illuminate your inspired spaces. Wired for Candlelight
Hang a wire basket over the country dining or table and crowd it with varied pillar candles for fast illumination.

Rectangle Rustic Chandeliers

A shallow rectangular or square cable basket, painted in fake rust or oil-rubbed bronze finish, holds a cluster of clear glass candle saucers, each with a pillar candle in several heights and diameters. Persistent natural wax, or mix colored candles to flatter you’re decor. Suspend the tray chandelier over the table with four strong but not bulky chains, hooked to the tray corners and gathered into a hoop. Hang the chandelier from a heavy-duty spinning plant hook, securely screwed into an overhead beam. …