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Reasons Why Vape is Much More Cooler than Cigarette

It is well known that smoking is harmful which is why governments have added tax on cigarettes and even printed pictures and warnings on the packets. One should not generalize things and say that smokers want to destroy their health or that they’re simply bullheaded, but it should also be considered that cigarette has nicotine and nicotine is a very addictive substance which makes it very hard for smokers to stop. In the light of the recent creation of e-cigarettes also known as vapes, former cigarette smokers Have now shifted to this new option which is nicotine free thus allowing them to adjust their lifestyle and make improvements for their health.

However skeptics still go on about its effectivity Which is why i feel it is important to defend the good things that it has brought ever since it was sold in the market.

No Traces of Nicotine Withdrawal

We all know how nicotine withdrawal sucks as it affects you with annoying symptoms like irritability, shaking, sweating and nausea or worse periods of hallucination. You may i ask what does vaping have to do with this, it’s pretty simple, vaping allows you to use juice or e- liquids That have nicotine and allow you to closely lower your intake to avoid having the withdrawal symptoms.

Vaping is Lit AF

Vapes are fun as it allows you to do a lot of things with the smoke, because you can choose different levels of smoke intake thus it never bores you out. Vaping is made to feel that you’re still smoking especially if you’re used to doing this first thing in the morning or after eating so that it won’t interrupt your daily routine.

The Flexible Options that Comes with Vaping
Cigarettes have a boring list of choices which only comprised of regular and menthol the other flavours are too costly and it even compromise your health. As compared to vaping vapes are fun as you will have access to Better choices of flavours when it comes to e-liquids, and I’m sure you’re very interested with thehemp vape .

It Helps You to Focus on Improving your Health
As this is the main point of this article, you should start taking care of your health by switching to vaping. It is a difficulty backed up bias study that proves vape smokers who are previously cigarette smokers has the word down there risks of serious health conditions including lung cancer and heart disease.
Vaping has a lot of advantages as compared to cigarette smoking which doesn’t have any at all and only have a ton of negative effects on health.