Aerate That Pond To Keep It Clean And Healthy

There is more to having a pond on one’s property than digging a hole and filling it with water. Ponds need to be constructed properly and then set up for the use the owner has in mind. Some ponds will be for looks and have no plants or wildlife in them. Some ponds will be set up to have beautiful fish and other water creatures and plants. There are small and quite large ponds depending on the size of the property and the wishes of the landowner. They all need proper aeration.

Why Use Equipment To Aerate Ponds?

Pond owners must keep their ponds clean and healthy for themselves and their communities. Ponds that are not aerated or properly cared for can become magnets for sludge and refuse that will make them deteriorate and smell bad. Ponds without water movement can have infestations of algae and other harmful lifeforms. They can draw mosquitoes that can cause serious health problems for passersby and property owners alike.

Ponds that are to host fish and other wildlife must provide oxygenated water and a healthy living environment. The water must stay clean and clear. An aeration system keeps the water moving and clean while introducing oxygen into the water below the surface.

Aeration Systems

There are numerous systems For Ponds. There are diffused aeration systems that run on electricity and efficiently aerate small ponds. Larger ponds need more than one machine or a different system. There are garden pond aerators or ornamental aerators for small ponds. There are also high-oxygen surface aerators for shallow ponds. They move huge amounts of water and add lots of oxygen to the ponds.

There are also aeration systems that look like single, double, or grouped fountains that move water high into the air where it gathers oxygen and falls back into the pond. Many people like these aerators because of the drama and decorative aspect they provide. All aeration systems must be correctly sized for the pond and correctly installed and maintained. Larger ponds or irregularly shaped ponds might need multiple machines or more than one kind of aeration equipment. Find more information on the website.