How to care for an outdoor rug

Caring for an outdoor is not as simple as the regular vacuuming an indoor rug requires. Unlike a carpet or rug installed inside a house, an outdoor rug is exposed to the elements. Many people use outdoor rugs to define an area and add a splash of color. A well-selected outdoor rug can make a drab porch or outdoor seating area a favorite place to hang out in.

The most basic principle to follow in caring for an outdoor rug is to clean spills and dirt right away. Leaving your rug wet and soiled is a surefire way to make them deteriorate rapidly. Although outdoor rugs have some form of treatment to make them liquid resistant, there is a risk that a voluminous spill will permeate the protective layer and cause a difficult to remove stain. Spills are not the only thing that can tarnish the beauty of an outdoor rug. Pets, playing children, mud, snow, tree sap, and rain can and will soil an outdoor rug.

One of the best things you can do to prolong the life of your outdoor rug is to use a rug pad. Aside from making a rug easier on the feet, rug pads help circulate the air under the rug, displacing moisture. Thus, mold and rot growth are prevented. It helps to clean and shake out your outdoor rug regularly. While a daily routine may be too much for some, at least twice a week should be the norm.

When vacuuming your outdoor rug, ensure that the rug is dry. Vacuuming an outdoor rug when it is wet can cause damage. Alternatively, you can a use leaf blower to drive out the dirt and debris from an outdoor rug. If you can see that the rug is dirty, a good scrubbing with water and mild detergent should bring out its color once again. Once a month is the recommended interval for washing an outdoor rug. Hang it to dry so that both sides are exposed. The same procedure for drying should be followed in case your rug gets wet or rained on.

Storing you rug in the off season is a good way to prolong its life. If you’re not outdoors a lot anyway, there’s no value in leaving it out to the elements. Roll it up and encase it in plastic sheet to keep moisture and insects out.

Caring for an outdoor rug is not difficult. Just keep on top of spills and dirt and observe the recommended maintenance schedule outlined above. It’s also good to have a professional carpet cleaner in Victoria BC care for your rug.