Warning Signs of a Clogged Drain

Most homeowners are aware that the plumbing and all the pipes that run throughout your home carry waste water to a sewer line outside your home. You may never give this sewer line a second thought until you have a backup in a drain inside your home. And while there’s nothing worse than having one clogged drain to deal with imagine the damage to your personal property, belongings and the cost of repairing a clogged sewer pipe.

Anytime there’s a clogged drain or toilet that won’t flush it requires you immediate attention to solve the problem. If the problem is with a clogged sewer line there are some warning signs to be aware of before it becomes a bigger problem and you need to hire a Nanaimo plumber. Here are 4 signs that your sewer line might becoming clogged.

  1. Toilets don’t usually gurgle and anytime you notice this happening it’s the number one sign there might be a sewer clog brewing. Especially notice if this occurs after doing a load of washing or after running the dishwasher.
  2. If you notice after using the water anywhere in the house beside running appliances gurgling noises it’s time to get to the bottom of what could be a clogged sewer line. In addition to a gurgling toilet someone in the family is going to let you know there’s a backup in your tub or a floor drain.
  3. A single drain that is slow draining means the issue is confined to the one drain and can easily be dealt with. When all the drains are slow and the toilet is gurgling it’s most likely the sewer line is clogged. What happens is that over time roots get into the pipe or it might be grease buildup.
  4. Using these tips will help narrow down the problem and determine if it’s a clogged sewer line.To summarize if a kitchen or bathroom drain is slow but the toilets are flushing just fine it’s just a clog in the drain to take care of. If the water level in a toilet rises then goes down it’s a problem with the  sewer line itself.

Discovering a clogged sewer line is an unpleasant surprise but better than having it damage your home and belongings. Whatever the cause a clogged sewer line needs the attention of a plumber in Victoria.