Can you do Roofing in Florida on Your Own or Should You Call the Pros?

There’s a ton of roofing companies in Florida. The options from which you can choose are almost endless. Every one of them has their own website where you can see if they are skilled, but you’re still wondering if you can do the roofing on your own.

It’s a legitimate question to ask yourself. More pros and cons are weighing on both sides and it’s a matter of personal perspective what you’re going to choose. However, you need to know certain facts and details before you reach the final decision.

In this article, we’re going to share some info about these things. What are the pros and cons of both ideas, and is it better to do one over the other if you’re located in Florida. Read on if you want to learn more about the roofing issues that will arise once you start working.

What is roofing?

Under the job description of roofing, fall a lot of different things but they are all connected to the roof of a building. If you need construction, fixes, updates, and creating something new, this is all connected with roofing. If you’re looking for a company that will do something like this, you need to look for a roofing company.

Making an entire roof alone is simply impossible. Even if you gather all your friends, you still can’t pull off this project properly. Even if you’re an absolute expert and everyone else is just helping, you know that something somewhere won’t be done properly and your roof will leak.

If there’s a smaller problem that needs to be fixed, then maybe you can give it try. Still, hiring a professional roofing company is a much better choice. You’ll pay for a professional service that will be done fast, accurately, and professionally.

The dangers of the business

Going up on the roof is not playing a game. The danger of falling down is high and everyone who’s going up there must be aware of this fact.

The statistics show that every year, 50 professional roofers die on the job because they didn’t manage to keep the balance or suffered another injury with the used machines. See more about this on the link.

If the professionals have such a high rate of fatal injuries, what’s left for the common person who’s trying to fix their roof? The stats show you that you shouldn’t go up there, especially not without the proper protection. It’s not just the fall that may be fatal, if you take a look at the link we provided, you’ll see that a lot of people die because of electrocutions and even because of heat exhaustion.

This is not a game and you need to take it as seriously as possible. Unless it’s absolutely safe, then you’re not supposed to do these things alone. Call the pros, it’s safer and better.

Saving some money

One of the positive sides of handling this issue on your own is the fact that you’re going to save some serious dollars. The roofing service does not come cheap. People who are experts in this field understand that people can’t do this on their own and they appreciate their work.

If you’re somewhat skilled, and you take the necessary safety measures, then maybe you should go ahead and do it yourself. This way you’ll save a lot of money that you can invest in something else. However, it’s still important to know that people literally die up there even though they are complete professionals in what they do.

Is Florida different than other places when roofing is in question?

This is a State where tornadoes are normal at certain times of the year. The houses and objects in Florida must be properly built and the owners must be sure that they’ll hold such weather conditions.

When it comes to fixing the roof, you understand how important it is to know what must be done up there. When heavy winds come and hit your home, they are going to make tremendous damage. If the roof can’t hold this hit, just a little hole will make it fly off entirely.

A properly built one will last through anything. For this, the proper materials must be used, and of course, the work must be done absolutely professionally. This is why roofing companies from Florida are known as some of the best ones. Their experience helped them achieve a level of perfection that is needed for these heavy weather conditions. See more about the Florida weather conditions on this link:

There’s no snow here and there’s no need for protection in this segment, but the sun and the tornadoes are weather conditions that mustn’t be ignored. Some might think that the sun is a positive thing, but since there are so many sunny days here, it’s understandable that some of the materials will fall under the influence of the sun rays. That’s why the job and the construction must be flawless.

If the entire roof gets exhausted by the heat, there will be a huge problem when the winds arrive. If there’s a part that was not properly installed, and the sun managed to twist the shingles just a little, then the wind will tear them off in no time. One shingle off, and it’s a matter of minutes when the entire thing will be airborne.


You probably already knew some of the issues we talked about above, but maybe some of the things you didn’t. Knowing some more details about this job will help you reach your decision.

No one should be telling you if you must hire someone, or that it is better to do it alone. If someone suggests that you should climb up alone, then maybe you should ask this person if they can do it for you. You’ll even pay them. Of course, if they are professional enough to the job properly.