How to install a TV on the wall

Tv mounting is such a hard job, so people usually prefer doing it themselves. Nevertheless, it is not always as easy. There are a few steps that you can follow to mount the Tv on the wall. But in case it gets a little harder for you, you can reach out to someone like Los angeles tv installer. Here is what you need to know about installing a Tv.

A guide for Tvinstallation

Once you have the tools at hand, here is what to do.

1.      Attach the Tv bracket arms

Your Tv must-have wall brackets composing of a set of arms, and a mounting frame. The Tv portion of the mount must be attached to the TV back. Lay the TV carefully on a straight surface, facedown, and place the mount and the brackets. Screws and holes are used to fix the Tv in place.

2.      Marking the location for the frame

A height finder application can help you mark the right height for your Tv. To get the mark straight use a tape to measure the midpoint, and to mark the right height.

3.      Finding the studs

Once your location is marked, you just need to find studs to anchor the Tv in place. To mark each stud, use masking tape or a pencil.

4.      Secure the frame on the wall

You will be needing someone to help you with this work. While one holds the frame in position, the other can mark the spots for the holes, and check the level. Once the frame is held in place, drill holes for the bolts. Finally, use a socket wrench to fit the frame.

5.      Place the Tv and connect the wires

Use your tools to connect the Tv in place and then connect the wires from the back and then attach the wires to the Tv. There you have it, your Tv is installed.

Follow these simple steps and you can easily hand your Tv on the wall. Nevertheless, if you are unable to do it yourself, you can always seek a professional’s help.