Mold is an unsightly and unsanitary growth that is the result of fungi spores that are ever present in a house. Even if you regularly clean your homes and use disinfectant, these invisible fungi spores will persist in you home. When these fungi spores become a colony, they manifest themselves as the slimy, discolored mess we know as mold.

In homes, mold can be most often found basements, bathrooms, kitchens, and cabinets. Mold can also form around pipes and ducts.

There are several common cause of mold in the home:

  1. Mold occurs in homes wherever there is persistent dampness. This dampness is commonly caused by high humidity due to factors like inadequate air circulation and lack of venting. Leaving doors and windows open helps prevent the high humidity that causes mold. Using vent fans in the bathroom or kitchen also helps. Note that if you live near a large body