Behavior of fire ants and the treatments for its sting

A fire ant colony that is typical to its name can be seen in open areas in the large mounds that they have created. Their major food sources are seeds and plants that are young. Fire ants are also known to attack small animals in groups and can even kill them. Unlike the ants that bite and spray and acid on the thing that is attacked, fire ants just bite in order to get a grip. They also sting from their abdomen after biting. This sting is used to inject a toxic that is called solenopsin. This venom is alkaline in nature. This venom belongs to the class of piperidines. It is a very painful sting for the humans who have encountered a bite from the fire ant. The sensation that is felt when a fire ant bites is similar to the burning sensation that one feels when in contact with fire. When it comes to people who are very sensitive, these stings can be very deadly. When compare to most of the native ant species, fire ants are considered to be most aggressive. This is the reason for a number of other species to stay away from the habitats of fire ants. There is a species of fire ant that takes parasitic advantage on bees. These ants can survive in even very extreme conditions.

As seen earlier the venom that is injected by the fire ants is made of alkaloids. This makes some people allergic to the venom naturally. Some people may experience anaphylaxis, a condition that arises due to high allergy. This condition requires immediate treatment that is very important. The sting of a fire ant can sometimes turn into a bump and can cause irritation and a lot of pain. This is very common when there are several stings from the ant in a single place. These bumps then transform into a pustule that is white in color. These pustules can become infected if they are scratched. When these pustules are ignored and left alone, they will usually flatten and become normal within few days of time. If the pustules become infected, they can even cause scarring in the region.

Interesting facts about fire ants

Fire ants are nearly immortal with a life span if over 7 years. Red ants and fire ants are the names that re given to the same species of ants in common. They do not have any difference. Red ants are known to be omnivorous, as they eat meat occasionally. The typical diet of a fire ant might include the arthropod eggs, ticks, honey dew, earthworms and even ticks. Fire ants live in large mounds in order to accommodate their whole colony. These ants prefer a location near damp areas to build their mounds on.