AC’s became most important in every human’s life in now days. During this scorching heat, all one wants is to need some chill air which may release the surplus heat one is facing. This tells us, about what proportion an individual within the summers wants to remain inside and not move out on the roads. Hence, our indoor air should be clean and fresh, where we are spending the utmost time. AC’s play such an important role in our lives.

Air conditioning repair is the best and more cost-effective option than replacing a unit. Tons of times, homeowners are unaware that their air conditioning is often repaired, and are quick to exchange a wonderfully good unit which may need no quite a compressor replacement. This finishes up costing homeowners tons of extra money. The proper air conditioning repair is often the answer you would like with the advantage of increasing …

The summer sun signals sweltering settings for much of the United States. In turn, approximately 75 percent of American homes employ air conditioners to hide from the heat. The relief comes at a cost, however. Homeowners fork over $29 billion annually in energy consumption alone. Luckily, there are low-cost and no-cost tips you can try to keep your air cool and your wallet happy.

Draw the Drapes

During those daytime hours when the sun’s rays radiate your home, keep your curtains closed to cut back on unwanted warming and escalating electric bills. Darker drapes also help minimize solar heat gain.

Fan Friendly

Ceiling fans provide some relief from the heat, but when they run simultaneously across the house, you can experience a cooling effect of several degrees. This can help limit your reliance on air conditioning and save wear and tear on your unit. Oscillating table-top and tower fans provide additional comfort, concentrating the coolness directly …

Buying air filters might seem like a simple task. Once you get into types, models and brands, however, you might realize that there’s more to the process than you originally thought. If you’re feeling confused and overwhelmed by all of your filter options, consider this your guide to making sense of the madness.


First things first: Why are you buying air filters? There’s a big difference between industrial filters meant for a polluted workplace and simple residential filters that slide into a home air conditioner. Before you start getting into the little details of various filters, make sure that you understand your big-picture goals for your purchase.


The specifications of your air filters can have a big impact on your purchase. For example, you don’t want to buy something that’s the wrong size. You also don’t want to buy something that can’t filter what you need filtered. There …