Pest Control News has confirmed that their prediction has become a reality: The brown marmorated stink bug is in southern England and it poses a risk to plants and fruit crops. Even your humble allotment or garden apple tree could prove too tempting for these Asian natives.

Picture of Brown Marmorated Stink Bug

P.C.N. has reported a definite sighting in Hampshire in November 2018; the pest was inside an external rodent bait box. Pest control specialists including Pest Control Berkshire, who also serve neighbouring counties, are remaining vigilant and would ask the public to act if they suspect that a brown marmorated stink bug (or many of them) is overwintering in the locality.

What is a brown marmorated stink bug?

Its Latin name is Halyomorpha Halys. The adult form is approximately 17mm long, brown, winged and mottled – marmorated means marbled or streaked – with lighter shades on the antenna. Expect to see copper tints …